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The Night the Moon Split – Illustrations for IIPH

on August 11, 2013

Here are some sample illustrations from an upcoming book ‘The Night the Moon Split’ from International Islamic Publishing House (IIPH):

The Big, Red, Scary, Full Moon

Mother and Son Looking at the Moon

Rami and his mother look at the moon in a strange red light – Rami is scared

Rami’s Mother Tells Him about the Moon

Mother points at the horizon

Rami’s mother calms him down and tells him about the moon

Rasool Allah (SAW) split the Moon in Two!

The Moon Split

Rami’s mother tells him that on one occasion, Allah (SWT) allowed the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) to split the moon in two

The Arabs were demanding Miracles like the Miracles of Musa (AS), Isa (AS) & Sauleh (AS)

Arabs demand a miracle like those of old

The Arabs demand that Rasool Allah (SAW) give them a miracle like the prophets of old: Musa (AS), Isa (AS), or Saleh (AS)

We will Never Believe in You Until…

The Arabs demand more miracles

The Arabs tell Rasool Allah (SAW) that they will not believe until he shows them miracles like a spring gushing forth, or a garden of grapevines and dates or unless he causes the sky to fall to pieces

After the Moon Split the Arabs Question Travelers from the Desert

Did the Moon Really Split?

The Arabs questioning travelers to ask them if they saw the moon splitting

Did an Indian King see the Miracle of the Moon Splitting?

Indian King sees the Moon Splitting

There is a story that an Indian king saw the miracle of the moon splitting and accepted Islam

Did you like the illustrations?

Would love to hear from you!!


2 responses to “The Night the Moon Split – Illustrations for IIPH

  1. Maryum says:

    LOVED the illustrations 🙂 Especially the ones with the Arabs demands. I know I’ll relate to the incident alot more whenever i hear it now, inshallah 🙂

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