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Life with the Ahmad Family Comics – ‘The Secret to Jamal’s Courage’

So, in this episode Jamal is attending his very first Karate class.  At first his sensei (karate teacher) seems a bit irritated by Jamal’s constant questioning, but he soon discovers that there is something very special about this young lad… he seems very courageous.

Wait till he finds out the secret to Jamal’s courage….

Life with the Ahmad Family Comics - The Secret to Jamal's Courage

The Secret to Jamal’s Courage – In this episode Jamal’s sensei discovers what really makes Jamal so fearless

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Horse Illustrations by Imaan

Here are some illustrations by my 12 year old daughter Imaan.

Does she love horses you ask?  Now, what would make you say that?  🙂

She also has a gift for illustrating… and is very creative.  Each of the illustrations below are purely freehand… completely from her own imagination.

Horse Pencil Outline

A pencil outline of a horse

Horse on a cliff illustration

Here’s a horse on a cliff looking down at other horses

Foal Illustration

Here’s a pencil illustration of a foal

Majestic Horse Illustration

Here’s another horse illustration

Two foals running and playing

Here are two foals running and playing

Mother horse and foal illustration

Mother horse and foal illustration

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