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Horse Illustrations by Imaan

Here are some illustrations by my 12 year old daughter Imaan.

Does she love horses you ask?  Now, what would make you say that?  🙂

She also has a gift for illustrating… and is very creative.  Each of the illustrations below are purely freehand… completely from her own imagination.

Horse Pencil Outline

A pencil outline of a horse

Horse on a cliff illustration

Here’s a horse on a cliff looking down at other horses

Foal Illustration

Here’s a pencil illustration of a foal

Majestic Horse Illustration

Here’s another horse illustration

Two foals running and playing

Here are two foals running and playing

Mother horse and foal illustration

Mother horse and foal illustration

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The Night the Moon Split – Illustrations for IIPH

Here are some sample illustrations from an upcoming book ‘The Night the Moon Split’ from International Islamic Publishing House (IIPH):

The Big, Red, Scary, Full Moon

Mother and Son Looking at the Moon

Rami and his mother look at the moon in a strange red light – Rami is scared

Rami’s Mother Tells Him about the Moon

Mother points at the horizon

Rami’s mother calms him down and tells him about the moon

Rasool Allah (SAW) split the Moon in Two!

The Moon Split

Rami’s mother tells him that on one occasion, Allah (SWT) allowed the Prophet Muhammad (SAW) to split the moon in two

The Arabs were demanding Miracles like the Miracles of Musa (AS), Isa (AS) & Sauleh (AS)

Arabs demand a miracle like those of old

The Arabs demand that Rasool Allah (SAW) give them a miracle like the prophets of old: Musa (AS), Isa (AS), or Saleh (AS)

We will Never Believe in You Until…

The Arabs demand more miracles

The Arabs tell Rasool Allah (SAW) that they will not believe until he shows them miracles like a spring gushing forth, or a garden of grapevines and dates or unless he causes the sky to fall to pieces

After the Moon Split the Arabs Question Travelers from the Desert

Did the Moon Really Split?

The Arabs questioning travelers to ask them if they saw the moon splitting

Did an Indian King see the Miracle of the Moon Splitting?

Indian King sees the Moon Splitting

There is a story that an Indian king saw the miracle of the moon splitting and accepted Islam

Did you like the illustrations?

Would love to hear from you!!


Zainab’s Ramadan Basket – Illustrations For IIPH

Here are some sample illustrations I did for ‘Zainab’s Ramadan Basket’; an upcoming children’s book from International Islamic Publishing House (IIPH):

Zainab’s Neighborhood on One Ramadan Morning

Zainab's Ramadan Basket - A Ramadan Morning

This is Zainab’s neighborhood on a beautiful Ramadan morning. The bright sun is shining down on all the houses

Zainab Making Ramadan Baskets with her Mother

Zainab and her Mother Making Ramadan Baskets

Here is Zainab making some wonderful Ramadan baskets with her mother for her neighbors

Mrs. Anderson – Zainab’s Neighbor

Mrs. Anderson - Zainab's neighbor

Here is Mrs. Anderson; she’s Zainab’s neighbor and LOVES to cook!

Zainab, Mrs. Anderson and a Ramadan Basket!

Zainab, Mrs Anderson and a Ramadan Basket

Zainab is giving one of the lovely Ramadan baskets to her neighbor Mrs. Anderson.

Zainab, Oliver the Cat & a Ramadan Basket

Zainab, Oliver the Cat and the Ramadan Basket

Zainab sits down to pat Oliver the Cat. He sneezes when he sniffs the Ramadan Basket

Sunset in Zainab’s Neighborhood

Sunset in Zainab's Neighborhood

It’s almost sunset and Zainab must rush home for Iftaar

Zainab’s Family Makes Du’aa (Prayers) before Iftaar

Everyone making du'aa before Iftaar at Zainab's Home

All of Zainab’s family members are making du’aa before Iftaar

Tea after Iftaar and Prayers

Tea after Iftaar and Prayers

After iftaar and Isha prayers all Zainab’s family members settle down for green tea

Hope you liked them!

Would love to get your feedback!


My Capture – A Tale of a Trunk

A Short Story by Imaan Kazmi

I had been grazing for several hours by the crowded jungle waterhole, and decided to take a light nap; for my stomach was full and relaxed and my head felt pretty heavy. My fellow herd-elephants prepared for sleep, while others kept watch, and the rest of us lumbered off to lean against a nearby acacia tree. I finally chose a quiet, shady tree just at the edge of the savanna’s forest, not so very far off. I leaned my weight against the scratchy bark, closed my eyes and rested.

Elephant in the African Savannah

Elephant in the African Savannah

I must have been moving in my sleep, for I woke up with a start of shock and pain shooting from my trunk and through my body. My long, grey trunk was trapped in something metallic and shiny hanging somewhat from a branch, and it was all cut up and bleeding – and the agonizing sharp thin piece of metal kept digging further into it as I pulled and tugged to get loose. I tried to trumpet aloud for help from my herd, but when I did so, my trunk hurt so badly I thought I would go numb with pain. I gave up and stood still for what seemed to me like several hours, trembling with fear and agony.

Elephant's trunk caught in a wire snare set by poachers

Elephant’s trunk caught in a wire snare set by poachers

After quite a long while had passed, from the bushes behind me, I thought I heard a rustling and a sympathetic, strange voice murmured, “Poor beast, caught in a wire snare by its trunk, those heartless, thieving poachers!” Before I could react to it, though, I felt something prick me on my back, and jolted up, ready to bolt. But suddenly the world spun round in my mind, making me very dizzy and drowsy, and as I dropped down, everything went a totally pitch-black – and I thought I was dead for sure.

But once I awoke, I found myself in an alien, unfamiliar place. I still felt sleepy and dull, and no doubt I was in a pretty, clean area, with sweet green grass under my large heavy feet, and plenty of bushes surrounding – an unnatural tall iron bar fence, not to mention a huge wooden shelter. Strangely, they did not worry me, nor was I as wary as I usually should have been. I hardly observed a two-legged creature approach me from somewhere, and in his paw he carried a plastic container that humans call a “bucket.” I took no notice of him, and he walked closer and closer, as I stood still and motionless. Once he was right beside me, I smelt a familiar scent off his clothes, a muddy “elephantish” smell.

He grinned widely, and spoke in a caressing, gentle voice, “There, there, Pet. You’ll be needing food, since you can’t use your trunk, now that those bad guys trapped you, poor baby,” as he spoke, he stroked my skin with a warm brown hand and scooped up handfuls of feed from the bucket, and placed it right below my mouth, which I tried to pick up using my trunk, but much to my astonishment, I couldn’t reach it; the other bottom half was now cut off! My long, grey, helpful and beautiful trunk was useless now, and I just couldn’t seem to understand it. I tried two or three more times, and all the time ending up with a miserable failure. So, I accepted his hand and gobbled it down right there and then. It was a lovely warm mix of golden hay, fresh corn, bruised oats and a porridge, but unknown to me they were sprinkled with some kind of medical powder.

Elephant healing in a nursing area

Elephant healing in a nursing area

I lived in that hospitable place for a number of countless days, and began to get a little used to it and the gentle humans there. I recognized old Dick every time he entered my paddock to feed me or “muck out,” as he would call it; he would clean out my stall on a regular basis. I grew fond of him, and loved all of him – the kind and patient heart of his, his soft petting hands, his grassy smell, and most of all, his tender low understanding voice. Every afternoon, he would bring a whole group of people along with him, to treat my injured trunk, and apply several powders, sprays and creams on it.

I will never forget the day that I was released out into my old home on the wild open range. It occurred on a sunny morning, I was being led around my paddock as usual, eating food from trusty Dick’s hand, when he took me to a hidden huge door at the edge of the field, where the brush and hedge had been cleared. I strode out with him, alert and wary as ever, but with the scrumptious feed and Dick’s soothing voice, I followed my friend up a sloping sturdy ramp. Once we were right in, he buckled on a special head-collar over my bald head, and tied the end of the lead-rope tightly to a ring in the wall. Old Dick then fastened some special safety-bandages around my chubby legs, stroked my white ivory tusks and left me in the truck, with a hasty “goodbye”. Then it happened; I felt a familiar prick on my back, and as you can probably guess, I dropped to the ground – and fell fast asleep.

When I came round, I found myself alone, in the dry tall savannah grass. There was no sign of old Dick, but in the corner of my eye I spotted a large white truck rumbling off into the distance. I saw that I was in the midst of the hot, blazing yellow savannah plain. Around me, were the tall waving golden grass along the road, and here and there an acacia tree stood still against the breezes, and in the far-off distance, I heard the call of a herd of large wild elephants for me. Off I lumbered, my enormous ears flapping, and tail swishing, towards the joyous herd of grey tusked beasts awaiting my arrival.

Elephant with short trunk free again in the African savannah

Elephant with short trunk free again in the African savannah

Now, I still live here on the free open wild yellow savanna. Every elephant, just like old Dick, in my herd assists me in eating, for my trunk is still short and half-way cut off, and I have a very good story to narrate to my calves, relatives and friends, right here, on the wild jungle-range.

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Life with the Ahmad Family Comics – ‘The Remarkable Umm Jamal’

Aren’t mothers remarkable?

Sometimes the rest of the family doesn’t even realize just how remarkable their wife/mother really is…. until they find out of course 😛

That’s what happens in this episode of Life with the Ahmad Family.  Abu Jamal feels that Umm Jamal is taking all her organization business a bit too far and so he suggests that she take things a bit easy and let him handle part of the work. Abu Jamal is in for a surprise 🙂

The Remarkable Umm Jamal - Abdullah finds out just how talented his wife really is

The Remarkable Umm Jamal – Abdullah finds out just how talented his wife really is

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Life with the Ahmad Family – Lots of Pain, No Gain

Here’s another Ahmad Family comic!

In this episode Umm Jamal notices that Abu Jamal is getting a little chunky and advises him to get some exercise.  Abu Jamal is very confident that he’s still in tip top shape, until he goes out for a walk that evening with Jamal.

Read the comic to find out what happens!  I hope our little Muslim boys and girls (and their families) love it!

Ahmad Family Comics - Lots of Pain, No Gain!

Ahmad Family Comics – Lots of Pain, No Gain!


Talib Jan Hand Drawn Illustrations – A Boy Character

Here’s a couple of hand drawn illustrations of a boy character called Talib Jan:

Talib Jan just takin’ it easy:

Talib Jan just takin' it easy...

Talib Jan just takin’ it easy…


Here’s another hand drawn illustration of Talib Jan doing a one-hand handstand:

Talib Jan - He's got skillz that killz

Talib Jan – He’s got skillz that killz



Talib Jan - showin' off some moves on his skateboard

Talib Jan – showin’ off some moves on his skateboard


Walking somebody’s best friend 😛

Talib Jan - attempting to walk a dog

Talib Jan – attempting to walk a dog

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Girl and Cat Illustration

This is a little hand drawn pencil illustration of a Muslim girl who finds a cat in her garden… (cute?)

Girl and Cat - A Muslim girl finds a cat in her garden

Girl and Cat – A Muslim girl finds a cat in her garden


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Surah Al Fil (The Elephant) Hand Drawn Illustrations

Here are some hand drawn illustrations I did for Surah Al-Fil (Surah Al-Feel) from the Holy Qur’an.

The first is meant to show Abraha (the bad guy), all suited up in his armor and ready to march towards the ka’ba to destroy it

Surah Al-Fil - Abraha all suited up in armor

Surah Al-Fil – Abraha all suited up in armor

This next illustration from Surah Al Fil (Surah Al Feel) shows Abraha and his evil army with an elephant on their way to Makkah in order to destroy the Ka’ba:

Surah Al-Fil - Abraha with his army and elephant marching towards Makkah to destroy the ka'ba

Surah Al-Fil – Abraha with his army and elephant marching towards Makkah to destroy the ka’ba


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Karachi Jogger

Here’s a little illustration I did of me running down the streets of Karachi. The whole scene is meant to capture the reality of how life is in the city that never sleeps:  overloaded buses, noisy rickshaws, tall buildings with large billboards… Aah nostaligia 🙂

Karachi Jogger - Illustration of me running through modern day Karachi

Karachi Jogger – Illustration of me running through modern day Karachi

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